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Miracle Mini Pool Cover Pump

Miracle Mini Pool Cover Pump


This amazing little pump can drain over 200 gallons per hour without electricity or batteries! It is powered by the force of water pressure from an ordinary garden hose. And unlike a siphon, the Miracle Mini Pump can actually pump uphill. With no moving parts and no electricity, it is safe to use for pools, pool covers, spa & hot tubs, ponds, flooded basements, boat bilges or anywhere the use of electricity may be difficult or hazardous. And because there are no moving parts, there’s nothing to wear out or break down! Best of all, it’s safe and extremely easy to use. Simply connect the pump between two garden hoses. Submerge the pump into whatever needs draining. Turn water on to initiate pumping action. Water pressure supplied from the first hose creates a powerful suction inside the pump. The floodwater is sucked up into the pump and out the second hose which quickly carries away the discharge water.


  • Connects between two garden hoses
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